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Full Documentation

Build From Source

  1. Download or clone from master (master is always the latest stable version).
  2. Open Solution in Visual Studio 2012.
    • Note: The documentation project is built with Sandcastle Help File Builder. While this is not required to build the library, it does allow you to load the documentation project included in the solution.
  3. Build the project.

Use In Your Own Project

  1. Search for LibVLCBind in NuGet package manager. (
  2. Install com.ptrampert.LibVLCBind.
  3. Once installed, you can get a new instance of IVLCInstance by creating a TwoflowerVLCFactory, like so.
    IVLCFactory factory = new TwoflowerVLCFactory();
    IVLCInstance vlc = factory.InitializeVLC();

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